5KW HYBRID INNO 8G PLUS – Nexus Solar Energy


  • Operational Modes:

  1. Intelligent Off-Grid & Hybrid Modes: Capable of functioning autonomously from the grid or in conjunction with it, catering to diverse energy needs.
  2. Simultaneous Power Loads: Efficiently manages both PV and AC power loads at the same time.
  • PV Input Range:

  1. Voltage Range: Accommodates a wide photovoltaic input voltage range from 100V to 480V, allowing flexibility in solar panel setups.
  • Conversion and Usability:

  1. DC to DC Converter: Designed for ease of use with batteries, facilitating a straightforward setup process.
  2. User Interface: Offers free monitoring and the convenience of remote firmware upgrades.
  • System Compatibility:

  1. Phase Options: Supports both single-phase systems and unbalanced three-phase configurations.
  • Scalability and Control:

  1. Advanced Parallel: Allows for the parallel operation of up to 16 units, providing scalability for larger power demands.
  2. Generator Interface: Features an independent generator interface for additional power source integration.
  3. System Management: The host inverter is smartly engineered to automatically manage the entire system.
  • Efficiency Metrics:

  1. Inverter Efficiency: Maintains a high off-grid inverter efficiency of 93%.
  2. Battery Efficiency: Ensures a battery working efficiency of 93% as well.
  • Global Applications:

  1. Widespread Installations: Thousands of units have been installed globally, demonstrating the reliability and versatility of the system.
  2. Home Energy Solutions: The 5KW Hybrid Inno 8G Plus is now available for households seeking a consistent power supply, with the promise of no more blackouts.
  • Working Modes:

  1. Pure Off-Grid Mode: Operates as a traditional off-grid inverter with customizable output settings for utility, battery, or solar prioritization.
  2. Hybrid Mode: Functions as a hybrid, supporting both solar and utility power to jointly handle loads with options for self-consumption or charging priority.

The Nexus Solar Energy 5KW Hybrid Inno 8G Plus is a robust solution for those looking to secure an uninterrupted power supply, whether as a backup system or a primary power source. It’s designed to adapt to various energy requirements, ensuring that homes remain powered in any situation.



Max. PV array power(W) 8000 (4000/4000)
Rated PV input voltage(V) 320
Number of independent MPPT inputs 2
PV input voltage range(V) 100 480
MPPT voltage range(V) 120 385
Start-up voltage(V) 100
Max. PV input current per MPPT(A) 17/17
Max. PV short-circuit current input per MPPT(A) 25/25
Compatible battery type Lithium-ion/Lead-Acid
Rated battery voltage(V) 48
Battery voltage range(V) 38.4 60
Max. charging/discharging current(A) 110
Max. discharging/discharging power(W) 5000
Recomand capacity of battery per inverter >200AH
Force wake up battery from PV function YES
Force wake up battery from Grid function YES
Rated AC voltage(V) 230
Rated AC frequency(Hz) 50/60
Rated AC output current(A) 22
Rated AC output power(W) 5000
Max. AC intput current(A) 35
Max. AC intput power(W) 8000
PF 0.99
THDI <5%
Rated AC current of BYPASS relays(A) 40
Rated output power(W) 5000
Rated output voltage(V) 230
Rated output current(A) 22
Rated output frequency(Hz) 50/60
Surge power, duration 2Pn, <2S
Switching time <15ms@Single/ <30ms@Parallel
Wave form Sine wave
Max. MPPT efficiency 0.99
Max. efficiency 0.93
EU efficiency /
Max. charging efficiency 0.93
Max. discharging efficiency 0.93
Over current/voltage protection YES
AC Short-circuit current protection YES
Grid monitoring YES
AC Surge protection  Type III YES
Battery reverse polarity protection YES
Dimensions(W*H*D) 303*505*135mm/11.9*19.9*5.3inch
Weight 14.5kg/32lbs
Ingress protection rating IP20
Operating environment temperature range 0 50°C
Storage temperature range -15 60°C
Relative humidity 5% 95%
Display & Communication interface LCD+LED, RS485/Wi-Fi/CAN
Warranty 2years
Cooling method FAN
Topology Transformer-less
Altitude <2000m
Noise emission(typical) <50dB

Additional information

Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 13 cm