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About Us

Who we are

Nexus Solar Energy Pvt Ltd, established in 2019 by Mr. Deepak Chaudhary  a renowned solar expert with Mr. Vijay Pal Singh , is a premier solar energy company in India. With a remarkable 16-year background in manufacturing lead acid batteries plates and batteries, he has transformed Nexus Solar Energy into a prominent and trusted name in the solar industry.

Our extensive range of solar products include N-type solar panels, lithium batteries, solar air conditioners, off-grid and hybrid solar inverters. Our unwavering commitment to quality has propelled us to the forefront of the solar industry in India. Boasting a network of over 1150 dealers and a satisfied customer base of more than 10 lakh, Nexus Solar Energy stands as a symbol of trust, reliability, and excellence.

What Makes Us Different?

At Nexus Solar Energy Pvt Ltd, our distinction lies in our unwavering commitment to quality. We prioritize stringent quality assurance measures throughout our product development, ensuring that every solar solution we offer meets the highest industry standards. This dedication to excellence sets us apart as a reliable choice for your solar needs.

Assured Quality

Quality is the priority of our ethos. From our cutting-edge N-type solar panels to our lithium batteries and innovative solar inverters, each product undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance and durability. This focus on quality isn’t just a promise; it’s a fundamental principle that underscores every aspect of our operations.


Trust is the basis of our customer relationships. With over 1 million satisfied customers and a vast network of dealers, Nexus Solar Energy Pvt Ltd has earned the trust and confidence of the industry and the community we serve.

After Sales Service

Our commitment doesn’t end with a sale. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional after-sales service, ensuring that your solar journey is supported every step of the way. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to address any inquiries or concerns, providing comprehensive assistance to maximize the benefits of your solar investment.

Solar Energy is the future

Solar energy is indeed the future! As we strive for a sustainable and eco-friendly world, solar power offers a clean and renewable energy source.

It helps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lower carbon emissions, and combat climate change. With advancements in technology and decreasing costs, solar energy is becoming more accessible and widely adopted.


Our vision is to provide energy independence to our customers. We are here to empower lives across the world with the sustainable power of the Sun. By helping people harness the energy of the sun, we help them power their home with clean and renewable energy and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


Nexus Solar Energy Pvt Ltd is a leading solar energy company in India, with a wide range of high-quality solar products and services. With a vision to be the preferred customer-centric energy solution provider, we focus on delivering exceptional customer service by understanding the unique energy needs of the customer and providing them tailored solutions.


As an ethical solar battery company, we prioritize sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility. We are committed to promoting clean energy solutions that reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. We ensure fair and ethical business practices, treating our employees, customers, and partners with respect and integrity.