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100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery


Introducing the Nexus 100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery – a game-changer in sustainable energy storage. With a remarkable 15-year warranty, this cutting-edge battery ensures reliable, high-capacity power for residential and commercial solar installations. Experience efficiency, longevity, and eco-friendliness in a compact design. Elevate your solar power system with the Nexus 100Ah – paving the way for a greener, more reliable energy future.


The Nexus 100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery – a groundbreaking energy storage solution that heralds a new era in sustainable power for India. With an unprecedented 15-year warranty, this battery sets a benchmark for reliability, longevity, and eco-friendly performance in the solar energy sector.


Designed with cutting-edge lithium-ion technology, the Nexus 100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery ensures optimal efficiency and power retention, maximizing the benefits of solar energy systems. This high-capacity battery boasts a robust 100Ah capacity at 48V, providing ample energy storage to meet the demands of both residential and commercial solar installations.


Key Features:

1. 15-Year Warranty: Our commitment to quality and durability is unmatched. The Nexus 100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery comes with a remarkable 15-year warranty, providing peace of mind and long-term assurance for your investment.

2. Efficient Energy Storage: Harness the full potential of your solar panels with the Nexus battery’s advanced lithium-ion cells. Experience efficient energy storage and utilization, optimizing your solar power system’s performance.

3. 48V High Capacity: With a substantial 100Ah capacity at 48V, this lithium battery ensures a consistent and reliable power supply for your home or business. Enjoy extended periods of energy independence without compromising on performance.

4. Environmentally Friendly: Embrace a cleaner and greener energy solution. The Nexus lithium battery is environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions and reducing your carbon footprint. Contribute to a sustainable future without compromising on power.

5. Smart Energy Management: The Nexus battery is equipped with intelligent energy management features, allowing seamless integration with solar inverters and smart home systems. Monitor and control your energy consumption with ease.

6. Compact and Space-Efficient: Designed for convenience, the Nexus 100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery is compact and space-efficient. Save valuable space while enjoying the benefits of a high-capacity energy storage solution.

Upgrade your solar power setup with the Nexus 100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery and embark on a journey towards a sustainable, reliable, and future-proof energy solution. Experience the freedom of uninterrupted power supply while contributing to a cleaner, greener planet. Welcome to the next generation of solar energy storage in India.


100Ah 48V Lithium Solar Battery

Additional information

Description Particulars
Brand Nexus Solar
Rated Voltage 48V
Rated Capacity 100Ah(C5,0.2Cto40.5V @25’C
Discharge Current(Max.) 100A
Discharge End Voltage 40.5V
Charge Current(Recomm.) 20A
Charge Current(Max.) 100A
Charge Voltage 54+0.5V
Dimension(WxDxH)mm 442.5×400.0x225.0(mm)
Typical Weight 45.0Kg
Layout of Front Pannel
Status Indicators SOC/ALM/RUN
Communication Ports RS232/RS485
Communications in Parallel 15 Modules in Parallel
Reset Key Available
Terminal Size M8(Screw Size)
LCD Screen Optional
Breaker Standard
Maintenance Interface Standard
Operation Environments
Temperature Range Discharge(-20 to 60’C), Charge(0 to +60’C), Storage(0 to 40’C)
Temperature Recommendation Discharge(+15 to +35’C), Charge(+15 to +35’C), Storage(+15 to +35’C)
Humidity 5 to 95%
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 44 × 40 × 22 cm