1KVA 12V MPPT PCU – Nexus Solar Energy



Solar Off Grid, MPPT Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) is an intelligent integrated system of MPPT Charger, Grid Charger, Offline Inverter. We use innovative MPPT algorithm in our system in our solar off-grid PCU that can simultaneously run the load and charge the battery while extracting maximum power from solar.


Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU consists of an MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Offline Inverter, and  Grid Charger all in an integrated from. The OFF-Grid Solar PCU is designed to maximize to use of Solar Power. When the batteries are charged from Solar, the smart PCU disconnects Grid/Mains/DG and let the Inverter/Load run on solar. It Generates maximum form Solar, also as per the user preferences it has three modes:

  • Smart Mode (PCU gives priority to solar, second priority to the grid and third priority to the batteries in smart mode). Recommended in semi -urban Area, where power cut is between 2-3 hours
  • PCU Mode (PCU gives priority to solar, second priority to the batteries and third priority to the grid in PCU mode). Recommended in urban Area, where power cut is less than 2 hours.
  • Hybrid Mode(In this mode CPU works well with solar as well as batteries. Grid Charging only takes place when solar power is not sufficient to charge the batteries). Recommended in rural area, where power cut is more than 3 hours.

1KVA 12V MPPT PCU Technical Specification:


Parameters Units Rating
Operating DC Voltage Volts 12
SPV Open Circuit Voltage Range(Min-Max) Volts 18-45
Max SPV Power KW 1
Compatible SPV Panels 36/60/72 Cell
Switching Elements 1GBT modules
Controller DSP
Efficiency >95%
Battery Charging Stages 5(Softstart,Boost,Absorbtion,Float,Equalise)
Low Cut off Volts 10.5/Battery+/-2%
Low Cut off Recovery Volts 11.5/Battery+/-2%
Low Buzzer Volts 10.7/Battery+/-2%
High Cut off Volts 15.5/Battery+/-2%
Boost Charging Volts by SPV(TUB) Volts 15.0/Battery+/-2%
Boost Charging Volts by Grid(TUB) Volts 14.5/Battery+/-2%
Charging Current by Grid Amps 10A+/-2%
No. Load Battery Current % 0.02
Output@no.Load Volts 230+/-2%
Overload Watts 800W
Output Low Retry 1 Time
Output Short Circuit 1 Time
No.of Phase 1 Phase-3Wine P,N,E
Display Alphanumeric 16×2 LCD
Switching Element MOSFET
Frequency Hz 50+/-2%
Overload retry 3 Times
Operating Temp C 0-50
Operating Humidity % 95%
Protection Class IP20

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 355 × 330 × 205 cm