5KVA 48V MPPT PCU – Nexus Solar Energy



The Nexus 5KVA 48V MPPT PCU is a cutting-edge solar inverter system that offers exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of solar energy applications. With a capacity of 5KVA (Kilovolt-Ampere), this PCU is engineered to handle larger power requirements in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, providing an efficient and sustainable energy solution.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): The PCU incorporates advanced MPPT technology, optimizing the efficiency of solar panel arrays by tracking and capturing the maximum available power from the sun. This ensures that the system operates at peak performance, generating higher energy yields from the photovoltaic source.
  • High Efficiency: The Nexus 5KVA PCU is designed with high conversion efficiency, minimizing energy losses during the conversion of solar DC power to usable AC power. This results in increased cost-effectiveness and reduced dependency on conventional energy sources.
  • Scalable Design: The system is built with scalability in mind, enabling easy expansion of the solar array or battery storage capacity. As energy needs grow, users can effortlessly expand their solar power system to accommodate the increased demand.
  • Battery Integration: Equipped with a 48V battery system, the PCU allows for energy storage, making it ideal for off-grid or hybrid installations. The battery integration ensures continuous power supply during periods of low solar irradiance or at night, enhancing energy independence and reliability.
  • Intuitive Monitoring: The Nexus 5KVA MPPT PCU features an intuitive monitoring system, providing real-time data on solar energy generation, battery status, load consumption, and system performance. Users can conveniently track the system’s operation and make informed decisions to optimize energy usage.
  • Smart Load Management: The system incorporates intelligent load management capabilities, enabling users to prioritize essential appliances or critical loads during power outages or low battery conditions. This feature ensures uninterrupted power supply for crucial devices.
  • Robust Construction and Safety: Built with top-quality materials, the Nexus 5KVA MPPT PCU is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. The system also includes various safety mechanisms, such as overload protection and short-circuit protection, ensuring the safety of the system and connected devices.
  • Grid Connectivity: In addition to off-grid functionality, the PCU can operate in grid-tied mode, allowing users to export surplus solar energy back to the grid, potentially earning energy credits or reducing electricity bills.
  • Connect up-to 9 inverters in parallel in single phase & three phase

Conclusion Embrace the future of renewable energy with the Nexus 5KVA 48V MPPT PCU, a powerful and intelligent solar inverter system that efficiently harnesses the sun’s energy, contributing to a greener and more sustainable world while meeting your growing energy demands.


Model MPPT548
USED FOR Residential
Type Solar Inverter
External Battery Support Yes
Power Output 4 KW
Warranty Duration 24 Months
SPV 72-180V
MAX SPV power 5KW
Controller DSP
Efficiency >95%
Output Wave from SINE WAVE
Protection Class IP20
Battery Capacity 48V