Nexus Inno 8G HYB IPR6 6kW-48V Solar Hybrid Inverter

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Depending on different power situations, this hybrid inverter is designed to generate continuous power from PV solar modules (solar panels), battery, and the utility. When MPP input voltage of PV modules is within acceptable range (see specification for the details), this inverter is able to generate power to feed the grid (utility) and charge battery. Never connect the positive and negative terminals of the solar panel to the ground.Every inverter is already installed with anti-dusk kit from factory. Inverter will automatically detect this kit and activate internal thermal sensor to adjust internal temperature. This kit also keeps dusk from your inverter and increases product reliability in harsh environment.


  • Pure sine wave output
  • self-consumption and feed-in to the grid
  • programmable supply priority for PV, Battery or Grid
  • User-adjustable charging current up to 100A
  • Detachable LCD Control module with multiple communications
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring
  • Reserved communication port for BMS(RS485)

Basic System Architecture

The following illustration shows basic application for this unit. It also required the following devices to have a complete running system:

  • Generator or Utility mains.
  • PV modules

Consult with your system integrator for other possible system architectures depending on your requirements.

This inverter can power various appliances in home or office environment, including motor-type appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioners.

Product Overview

  • RGB LED ring (refer to LCD Setting section for the details)
  • LCD display
  • Function buttons
  • PV connectors
  • AC input connectors
  • AC output connectors (Load connection)
  • Battery connectors
  • Current sharing port
  • Parallel communication port
  • Circuit breaker
  • Power switch
  • Dry contact
  • USB port as USB communication port and USB function port
  • RS-232 communication port
  • BMS communication port: CAN, RS-485 

INNO 8G HYB IPR6 6kW-48V Solar Hybrid Inverter

Model INNO 8G 6KW
PhaseSplit Phase
Maximum PV Input Power6000 W
Rated Output Power6000 VA
Maximum Charging Power5000 W
Nominal DC Voltage / Maximum DC Voltage360 VDC / 450 VDC
Start-up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage125 VDC / 160VDC
MPP Voltage Range160 VDC ~ 450 VDC
Number of MPP Tracker / Maximum input current1/27 A
Power Factor>0.99
Maximum Conversion Efficiency (DC/AC)95%
Dimension, DxWxH(mm)138x417x550
Net Weight (kgs)45
CommunicationUS/RS-232/RS-485/Wifi/Dry Contact
Humidity 0~90% RH(non-condensing)
Operating Temperature~10'C to 55 'C

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