15KW Solar Master – Nexus Solar Energy

15KW Solar Master


This Solar Inverter is built-in with MPPT Solar charger to maximize solar power. Besides, it is easy to install with low maintenance cost. it becomes an eco-friendly solution for the rural areas where grid power is expensive and unreliable.


Interest in renewable energy has increased over the past few years due to solar power becoming more cost effective and eco-friendly. This is a solar inverter which allows power to be switched from the DC Power obtained from solar panels to the AC power needed to control the pump. With the renewable solar inviter, pumps can adapt to solar power sources rather than traditional electrical supplies or generators.


  • Built-in MPPT Solar Charger
  • Supports single-Phase asynchronous motor
  • Built-in full protection and self-diagnosis
  • soft start function prevents water hammer effect and extends system lifecycle
  • Comprehensive LED Display screen and indicators for real-time system status.
  • Remote Monitoring through RS-485.

Technical Specification

Model NEX-15 KW
Maximum PV array Power 24000W
Rated Output Power 15000W
Nominal DC Voltage/ Maximum DC Voltage 540 VDC/800 VDC
Start-up Voltage 250 VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 250VDC~780VDC
Number of MPP Trackers 1C
Number of MPP Trackers 1
Nominal Voltage 3×380/400/415/440 VAC
Efficiency >97%
Nominal Output Current 29A
Motor Type Three-Phase asynchronous motor
frequency Protection +0.2%
full Protection phase lost, dry pumping, motor locked, weak sunlight, over-voltage, under voltage, Over-current, surge, over-temperature and short circuit protection
Dimension, DxWxH(mm) 320x218x205
Net Weight(kgs) 6
Type of Mechanical Protection IP20

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 32 × 21 × 20 cm