100Ah 48V Lithium, Best Lithium battery in INDIA

100Ah 48V Lithium, Best Lithium battery in INDIA

Nexus Developed high capacity Lithium batteries for Home inverter,100Ah/48V.It is a LifePO4 battery (Lithium ion Phosphate), So its internal Technology has all the advantages inherent in the latest Generation Lithium battery. The Nexus 4.8kwh Lithium Battery is of high density and light Weight Compared to other batteries in the market with Similar technical Characteristics. Its internal technology enjoys a long service life even when it’s usual use deep Cycles. It is a Battery with a fast charge capacity compared to the other batteries of a similar range, so waiting time are minimized.

The Nexus 4.8kWh lithium Battery has an integrated battery management system (BMS) that by Controlling the temperature, Voltage etc. Guarantees both the safety of the accumulator and the integrity of   the other connected elements, Optimizing   Battery operation at all times.

The Battery has RS485 ports to make connection in parallel and this increase the capacity of the system, in particular up-to 8 Battery can be Connected in Parallel, one of them being the master and the other 7 Slaves.

The front of the Battery incorporates an LED light that indicates the Percentage of remaining energy autonomy.

The Nexus 4.8Kwh Battery has a low self- discharge rate and no memory effect . The battery does not emit gases during operation or at rest, which allows you to install the Battery inside the home if you wish.

Since, it is a Lithium Battery, it does not require Maintence or periodic control of its internal Levels.


Lithium Battery is latest technology product in battery Storage market, It has many Advantages including.

  1. Faster Charging- Battery gets charged 100% in Just 2-4 Hours.
  2. It is Maintence Free.
  3. Long Life – Compared to Lead acid battery, Lithium Battery has 2,000 Cyclic life which translates in 15 Years useable life.
  4. Light Weight – The Weight of a lithium Battery is 1/4th of other comparable battery such as Lead Acid battery.




100Ah 48V

Battery Capacity

4800-Watt hours

Battery Rating



Lithium Phosphate

Charging Time

2 – 4 Hours

Cycle Life

More than 2000 times


Nexus Solar Energy




  • Charging Within 2-4 Hrs. Only
  • Zero Maintence
  • Self-discharge rate-5% per month @25 C
  • Higher AH Efficiency – 100%



Weight   - 45Kg

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm   -  439x400x222

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