Are you ready to start your Business?
Start your business with Solar Energy
Be the leader you want to be with a business built for big things. If you have decided that its time to make a change, consider Nexus Solar. 
We provide you with a roadmap to professional independence to help you reach your business and financial goals. If you are qualified, Nexus Solar will provide you with the opportunity to get your business underway in the rapidly expanding renewable energy field - while there is still very little competition in your market.  
Why Nexus Solar Franchisee?
Create your future business based on a technology that would grow in demand. The potential to earn for you and be prosperous is bright with Nexus Solar Energy.  
Rising Electricity Tariff
Today we use electricity with fear because of constantly rising Electricity Tariff.
Our reliance on electricity is slated to go up 2X in the near future.
A viable Solar System is need of the hour for every household and for every business.

How many business sectors do you know of that are slated to grow 300% in the next 10 years?
Franchisee Benefits
One of the best and most cost effective way of starting business from home;

Access to the best Solar Technology.

Nexus Solar Energy is a growing brand with best references that makes it easier for you to get customers.

Our Solar Energy Systems are being adopted by Hotels, Factories, Schools, Colleges, Malls and Housing Societies.  
Competitive Advantage
Franchise like Haldiram, Bikaner, Giani’s etc can cost Lakhs or Crores. Our 3 models of Franchise are the cheapest and can start with limited availability of space for setting up your business.

Nexus Solar Energy provides you with a wide range of Solar Products at competitive rates for any Residential or Commercial.
With Nexus Solar Energy, you'll have a head start in the rapidly expanding Solar Energy and in your area there is very little or NO competition.
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Confirm your Franchise by depositing a token amount of Rs. 20,000 to below Account:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 919020057105665
and send us a WhatsApp message to 9761082277

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Franchisee Comments
Many satisfied Franchisee have this to share with you
Susanta Sarkaar
West Bengal
I have been able to establish good network. Nexus Solar Products has very wide acceptance and it was easy for me to secure orders both for Domestic and Industrial. Thank you Nexus Solar.
Rohan Jetawat
Jaipur, Rajasthan
with their advanced technology and heavy duty products NSEPL (Nexus Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.) is providing optimize Solar Solutions to its consumers
Purosoottam Patel
कम कीमत का वादा, परफॉर्मेंस सबसे ज्यादा। प्रदुषण और बिजली बिल से मुक्ति, नेक्सस सोलर ही है सर्वोत्तम युक्ति। कठिन कृषि कार्य होगा आसान, नेक्सस लाए हैं सोलर समाधान। सदा अक्षय ऊर्जा का वरदान।।
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