About Us
We are counted amongst the known manufacturer and Solar air conditioner,mono PERC, Mono PERC Bifacial solar modules, Solar Water Pump, Solar PCU etc. We offer these products at most affordable prices.
You decided to go Solar. But, other suppliers tell you, “Your order is too small.” You wonder,“How does this work? Volts, Amps and Watts are confusing.” You need to know, “Are these systems compatible? Will this work for me?”
We get it.At Nexus solar energy, we can help you understand.
You want to power your home and be independent. You want to avoid rate increases year after year and not just exchange one utility for another. You want to make a difference.We do too.At Nexus solar energy, we have the solutions.

Whether you’re going on a climbing expedition, camping at your favorite spot on the beach or in your own backyard, you need power for your lights and cell phone. Gas and generators can be loud, cumbersome, and even dangerous if you’re not careful.Never fear.

At Nexus solar energy, we have portable alternatives.
Black outs are not just inconvenient; they can be a real problem. The last one lasted too long, leaving you vulnerable and unprepared. You ran out of fuel, candle light was insufficient, your batteries were drained and you couldn't call anyone when you needed to. You need to protect your family.We are here to help.At Nexus solar energy, we can prepare you.
Together, we can change everything; one panel at a time.
Nexus solar energy. Products for the real world.