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BrandNEXUS SOLAR Model195BIFNXS Output Capacity12V Dimension (L x H)9908 cmWeight10.600 kgWarranty30 YEARS CELL AREA245.7IMP(A)9.6485ISC(A)9.976PMP(W)193.20MODULE EFF(%)19.48CELL SERIAL36VMP(V)20.0243VOC(V)24.86F.F81.1388CELL EFF.(%)21.8
In bifacial solar cell a finger grid in used, so the sun can reach the rear side. Bifaciality is defined as the ratio of the rear side efficiency to the front side efficiency, measured under standard test conditions (The Physics of Semiconductor Devices, 2017).

Unlike the opaque back sheet that features on the mono facial solar panel, they are made with a transparent back sheet or dual tempered glass. Framed or frameless, bifacial panels are usually made from monocrystalline cells, but polycrystalline can be used as well.